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No correspondent office? Not satisfied with current research results? Weltbuero will get it for you! The trend is to reduce personnel by outsourcing editorial work. The internet allows you working internationally regardless of where you are.

weltbuero . © veronika faustmann photography

Weltbuero is a virtual correspondent office for Europe. Partnered with Bodin Media in New York, Weltbuero provides clients worldwide image and text research services. Known for speed, intensive research, clear communication and persistency, Weltbuero keeps clients abreast with consistent information flow – even in a different language if required.

Weltbuero is capable of managing entire projects from the first request to the printable product. Weltbuero can also work on short notice, tackling time sensitive and rush requests. Regardless of the subject — economy, science, politics, sports, art or fashion/lifestyle/celebrities – we will find the image/information you need or find an alternative.

weltbuero . © veronika faustmann photography

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